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Ghardaïa Featured

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To the center of the oasis, the city of GHARDAIA '' Door of desert" is the most important one and the done more visit cities of the Me Zab .A landscape of a seizing beauty, a dense oasis where rise proudly, to the assault of the sky centenary palm trees irrigated by a traditional hydraulic system, a phenomenal architecture that fascinates its contemplative, rooted customs since centuries and that allowed keeping the picturesque and specific face The region Considering tourist importance of the wilaya of Ghardaïa, she has access to an airport and of a train station of bus. 

The rocky steep Slopes and the oases determine the landscape in which are localized the cities of the pentapole of the M'Zab and around of which gravitate other oases (Berriane, El Guerrara, Zelfana.  Metlili and a lot more removed one to the South el-meniaa). Ghardaia is classified site tourist by the UNESCO as World-wide Heritage en1982.

Accommodation will be provided in a wonderful site (Caravan Serail), which includes:

  • Single Room, Double or Duplex.
  • Air conditioning
  • TV with satellite channel
  • Swimming Pool
This package includes full accommodation, sightseeing tours of the region and also interactive programs (on request).